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Building the Maternity Centre 

The brick-makers

Moulding the bricks

2018 1 29 Bricks small  (1)

Drying the bricks

Marking out the plot

2018 2 7 1st day building

Laying the foundations

Building, day 3

Building, day 10

Shaping a door arch, using clay from old termite nests

Working on the gables

Building a vault, day 21

Meeting inside, day 36

Team meeting, day 38

Bringing mud onto the roof, day 41

Laying the roof sheeting, day 47

Installing electricity cables, day 52

External plastering, day 56

Internal plastering, day 63

South view, day 78

Plastering the windows, day 86

Midwife (R) and cleaners

Tiling, day 113

Interior painting and fan, day 124

Completed, day 134

Waiting room

Labour room

Delivery room

Handover ceremony, June 21 2018

Handover ceremony

The first birth at the Centre

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