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Dr Nana's first motorbike 

Virtually all the roads in Talensi District are rutted dirt tracks full of potholes. The only practical way for nurses to move around is by motorbike.  At her first meeting with Laurence Gruer in 2014, the Health Director said the lack of motorbikes was seriously hampering service delivery. Her top priority was to get more.  

In February 2016, Dr Nana's trustees  agreed to purchase one motorbike and fund its running costs for three years. If this were successful, the aim would be to provide up to ten. After assessing the available bikes in Ghana, a Yamaha trail-bike was purchased for £2550 and delivered in August 2016. Ownership was retained by our local partners Peal Deng to monitor usage and costs.

At its first placement, the motorbike was used excessively and carelessly by its registered rider; logging of use and expenditure was inadequate. After the problems could not be resolved, the bike was assigned to another clinic where use has been satisfactory but logging and reporting of mileage and expenditure was slow and  unreliable. By the end of 2019, compliance had improved and the bike was in a good state of repair. 

2016 8 19 Bike handover.jpg

Handing over the motorbike, August 2016

2017 4 14 Bike at Accra Site.jpg

At Accra Site, October 2017

2019 10 28 Bike at Balungu.jpg

At Balungu clinic, October 2019

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