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Talensi health facilities

The District's functioning health facilities include a small hospital, six health centres with staff accommodation, seven CHPS compounds with staff accommodation and 16 CHPS clinics in temporary or community loaned structures. As the District Health Service has no budget for capital projects, all recent buildings have been financed from other sources, mainly international donors. A small Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, financed by one of Ghana's banks, opened in 2019. There are two large donated health centre buildings that stand empty, Santeng because because there are no staff to run it and Wakii because the money has run out well short of completion.  Many of the clinic buildings are in a poor state of repair and most don't have running water or electricity. These photos give you a flavour of  what is available. 

Gbani Clinic entrance and in-charge Lariba

Gbani Clinic consulting room

Gbani Clinic pharmacy

Gbani Clinic "waiting room"

Yagzore, building with broken roof, offered by community for clinic

Yagzore, building offered by community for nurses, quarters

Kupeliga, former shea butter factory used as makeshift clinic

Kupeliga clinic table

Tolla Clinic, donated by Swiss charity. Roof space infested with bats, so rooms permeated with smell of their urine.

Tolla, metal frame for attaching to Motor King three-wheeler to ferry patients to hospital.

Accra Site Clinic after renovation.

Accra Site, mining office converted into tiny two room clinic

Awaaradone CHPS, opened 2019. No running water until Dr Nana & Peal Deng stepped in. Donated ambulance in foreground.

Datuko, unconnected water tower and broken down ambulance

Awaaradone Clinic water tower, unconnected and empty

Awaaradone CHPS, new hand-washing system.

Wakii Health Centre. Huge structure built in 2019 with money from Birmingham UK school. No money left to complete it. Taken over by cows, goats and bats.

Wakii Health Centre interior. No money to complete.

Wakii, one room clinic on loan from local church.

Datuko CHPS, "detention ward" for patients under observation.

Datuko CHPS. Built with World Bank Donation in 2014. No money to staff and equip it until 2019.

Datuko CHPS. Unconnected water tank and CRS donated ambulance (non-functional).

Datuko CHPS, Interior courtyard with satellite dish (non-functional).

Datuko CHPS delivery bed.

Santeng Health Centre, Built in 2015 with donation from Alabama church. Never used as no staff to run it.

Santeng Health Centre from rear.

Talensi Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Built in 2019 with donation from First Atlantic Bank, Ghana.

Talensi NICU, staff.

Talensi NICU. Equipment donated by Korean Gvt and others.

Talensi NICU. Sick babies no longer have to go to Bolga Regional Hospital

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