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In-service training

Evelyn Naaso, Talensi District's health director said in 2015 she had no budget to pay for in-service training for her staff. They therefore could not refresh, update or develop their knowledge and skills.


Dr Nana agreed to provide funding to enable 17 community nurses to attend a two-week course approved by the Ghana Health Service. This would enable them to manage a community clinic and work more effectively with the local people.  The course took place in January 2017, delivered by trainers from the Regional Health Directorate. 


On  visits in April and October, Laurence Gruer interviewed eight of the participants in their clinics  and asked them what had changed since they had taken the course. He found  they could all give good examples of what they had already done because of the course, for example, creating a register of all the people in their community; setting up meetings with community representatives to discuss their concerns; agreeing on their priorities for action  such as improving access to safe water or distributing nets to prevent malaria. Several had already been given enhanced responsibility to manage a clinic because they had taken the course. 


The total cost was £2951 or £174 per person. The course thus seemed to have been successful and good value for money.

Baare- Lariba.jpg

Community nurse Lariba at the Sakpare-Tengre clinic presenting what she had learned on the course, April 2017.

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